Welcome at Blend and Bottled. I help you to improve your knowledge of wine through vibrant and educational wine tasting experiences, both in my wine studio as in the surrounding vineyards. Learn how to enjoy wine to the fullest while sharing valuable moments of joy. I look forward to meet you!
— Claartje van den Bogaard, founder


What better way to explore a country through the taste buds? Join one of these unique and 5* rated wine tasting experiences and let me take you in a fun and relax way on an unforgettable journey through the Spanish world of wines, grapes and regions in all its glory.


Looking for an intriguing way to spend quality time with your company, team, friends and/or family in Barcelona? Whether to thank them for their business, to celebrate a success or just to share some happy hours together? Then consider having a wine tasting experience with Blend and Bottled!