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Wine Vibes: Bottle Bal Masqué

Bottle Bal Masqué… In other words: tasting masked wines. Sounds exciting no? But do not get intimidated by the serious connotation of the 'blind'-thing, because it's cool and all about fun!

Blind tastings invoke a hint of mysterious intrigue and have more than just a little in common with disguise-charged events like masquerade balls… So, this Wine Vibes centers around brown-bagged-covered wines, where it’s all up to you to guess the wine’s grape variety and region of origin (and for the super enthusiasts: you can give it a shot on vintage year too;), of course after discussing first some recognizable characteristics of each.

Tasting wines blind may imply that this game is only for professionals, but that’s nonsense. It’s a great way to put out your senses to the utmost and to get to understand typical characters of both grape varieties and regions. For sure it will be an eye-opening experience. And to add an exciting competitive edge, a prize is offered to the winner of the night. So give your very best! We'll start these recurring blind series with wines from our own tierra: Spain. What's in the glass: 8 wines (4 whites, 4 reds), 8 grapes, 8 Spanish regions.

Price 'Bottle Bal Masqué': 35 euro per person
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