The cheese platter really won a spot among our weekly -or at least monthly- schedule of 'time-to-treat-yourself'. A good bottle of wine on the side and the definition of happiness is right there. Because, when all key components are right, there really isn't a better explanation for a happy marriage; finding the perfect wine & cheese match can be such a delicious fling! And if you are both a passionated wine AND cheese lover then this event can not be missed. 

Wine & Cheese | 40,- per person
During this tasting you get to taste 6 high quality wines and 6 artisan cheeses, that are produced in different areas in the world. The trick is to choose the right cheese with the right wine. As with any wine and food pairing, there are a number of considerations to take into account, but the whole thing is mostly a big matter of playing along with different levels of acidity, fat, tannin and textures.

While tasting we'll discover why certain matches work and others don't and what fancies you most. It's about exploring the magic and sharing the sensation! Aside from the cheeses I'll serve bread and high quality olive oil. Also I'll give you advise on how to create the perfect cheese platter at home. 

See below when Wine & Cheese is scheduled. Book your spot by fill out the reservation form on the bottom of the page. 

Additional details
Date: Thursday October 4, 2018 (1 evening)
Time: 20h00
Price per person: 40 euros per person
Language: English
(Seated event, 13 people maximum)