‘Wine Vibes’ is a monthly recurring standing wine tasting event on a Saturday afternoon, organized with the aim to explore and enjoy the vinous world in all its grape glory with a bunch of like-minded wine loving people in Barcelona! Each edition a new theme is given to the event; different wines will make their appearance, with some tasty snacks on the side and of course provided with many interesting wine facts.

Claartje creates a super chill atmosphere with a nice crowed of people with a shared interest of wine. She is well educated and knows exactly what she is talking about. I did a tasting on rose wines and she surprised me with the right blend of wines. Count me in for the next event!
— Guy, Barcelona (review through Facebook)

Wine vibes
During Wine Vibes you'll get to learn about a region, a grape variety or a type of wine in specific. Every month another topic will be in the spotlight for which several high quality bottles are carefully selected. Each wine we'll drink will be explained and subsequently tasted. So you'll not only leave with a big smile at the end of the night, but also with a lot of gained new wine knowledge. 

It’s all about fun and to celebrate together the better things in life in a cool and cosy ambiance. Accessible for both novice and advanced wine lovers. Needless to say: but not to be missed for everybody who is keen on developing his/her tastebuds ánd for those who like to meet fellow wine lovers!

Upcoming Wine Vibes:
Saturday February 23rd: Bottle Bal Masqué
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